If you think Jeff Goldblum always plays his characters the same way, the fast talking, stammering, quirky genius of Jurrasic Park, Independence Day or The Fly, you should hear him talk in real life. He’s got exactly the same speech pattern, so it’s not an act. I must say, he’s been quite skilled at finding … Continue reading


Martin Scorsese needs no introduction, and frankly, with the editing job I have to do with his speech, I can’t spend any more time writing about him. Here’s what he said for about 45 minutes speaking about The Aviator, with a bit of polish and cleanup on my part. Q: Do you see any parallel … Continue reading


For a while, it was uncertain whether Leonardo DiCaprio would live up to the potential suggested by What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He transformed so completely into the mentally challenged Arnie, even much more lucrative roles as a young stowaway on the Titanic or an MTV version of Shakespeare seemed like average duties. Recent roles in … Continue reading


Notes on SIGNS – Possibly my favorite of the spoofs. I love the way Lewis draws aliens (readers of our old Dead Squirrel Magazine can attest) and I think a film so homey and small is harder to do that ones with stuff that allows for broad comedy. Plus, I think this is a perfect … Continue reading


We are creeping towards the 100th Steady Leak article and I need your help in making it a special one. CLICK HERE to read up on what I have cooking and see if you have any ideas on how to make it better. Additionally, I’ve announced that we’ll be starting a daily comic strip (mon-fri … Continue reading


Nicolas Cage has not done traditional press rounds in at least the five years I’ve been a journalist. He’s always pleasant on the red carpet, answering a question or two if he makes it to your spot on the line, but no roundtable interviews. Only for Sonny, the film he directed, did he do three … Continue reading


You guys like the screenings, so they keep coming (even though I’ve been lax in getting the Charlotte and Raleigh stuff organized as well as I should). Plus, when the films are genre flicks like this featuring the muscular hotnesses of both Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds it’s hard to say no. Blade Trinity, aka … Continue reading


Note: this is an editorial. The viewpoints expressed here belong to me, Devin Faraci, and not Nick Nunziata or Dave Davis or anyone else who ever contributes to this site. If you have a problem with my editorial and my beliefs, please feel free to send me an email at devin@chud.com. Unbelievable. The last time … Continue reading