Matthew McConaughy is Dirk Pitt. The first time I heard those words were oddly comforting, as I’d bought my dad a Clive Cussler book every year for the duration of the 80’s and had gotten tired of the character and his adventure franchise getting the shaft from Hollywood. I mean, what is more popcorn munchingly … Continue reading


This is proof that I have the best job in the world. I get to sit in a room with a few other journalists and enjoy 20 minutes of free Robin Williams improvisational comedy. I’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the nosebleed seats when he goes on tour, but I was … Continue reading


(From the Twisted Childhood stories)Dust piled upon dust piled upon boxes laid upon the floor, all filled with memory. The click of a pull-chain sprays stark glare upon the age worn trinkets of childhood. From somewhere far below, the static of four a.m. TV echoes upward to the attic. Lidless eyes glare angrily; doll faces … Continue reading


Not many tough guys would be so comfortable poking fun at their personas, but The Rock goes all out. In Be Cool, he lets himself get beaten up, he plays his trademark eyebrow gesture as a ridiculous mockery, and he plays gay. He commits to it with no fear, and ends up adding depth to … Continue reading


Welcome to our collective nightmare… As has been the case for ages now, CHUD.com will be running a live commentary on the Oscars show, complete with the results, bitchy comments, and maybe even a little insight. I’ll warn you, this will be R-rated and a lot of what I say is coming unedited. I fully … Continue reading


We don’t usually get to see Joan Allen in a starring role. There’s only really been The Contender. Otherwise it’s been supporting roles in films like The Notebook, The Bourne Supremacy and Face/Off. Even big roles in Pleasantville and The Ice Storm cast her as an equal part in a big ensemble. The Upside of … Continue reading


(From the "Cyberpunk" Backspace stories)Chips Ahoy was beginning to think Microsoft’s new one-touch CTRL/ALT/DEL key was the single most useful thing they’d ever created – Windows Utopia be damned – as he pounded his way to another reboot. “If it’s a fatal exception, then why the hell aren’t you dead?” he screamed in frustration. The … Continue reading


(From the "Serial Killers" Creature Features) Chapter Five: Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive It’s not everyday you watch the body of one of your friends burn in an open pit. Normally, I would refrain from such an activity, however this particular occasion warranted my participation. This was different. It was different because the body … Continue reading

RON #70

All images copyright Nick Nunziata & Lewis Cox III. Do not reprint without permission. The other day I did a cattle call for folks interested in submitting your own artwork on characters from the universe of RON and I’m astounded at the first few I’ve seen. I’m personally working on a piece of my own … Continue reading