Sky Captain Prize Packs: Christian Spilker, Florida Kelli Joseph, Arizona Kevin Ross, New York Jason Adams, Virginia Noah Feder, Tennessee Matt Goldberg, Ohio Ken Boggs, Illinois Matt Ingersol, Nevada Nat Overholtzer, Massachussettes Richard Karpala, Colorado Henry Yoon, D.C. Chris Conley, Maryland Sam Coodley, Oregon Michael Crawford, North Carolina Robin Smith, Texas Bill Womack, Kentucky Daniel … Continue reading


After a great week of submissions we’ve slowed to a stop. I haven’t received anything new for some time. Oh sure, I’ve gotten the emails saying "Sorry for the delay, I’m still working on it. Have it to you soon." That’s all good, I’ve got about 10 columns left to run before the barrel runs … Continue reading


Paul Giamatti is one of the great actors of our time. Because he’s nebbishy and plays nebbishy parts he doesn’t always get the respect he deserves, but the guy is just great. And he’s a blast to interview as well; this was my second junket with Giamatti and he’s never been anything but funny and … Continue reading


Wanted: Warrior Scribes, Apply Within Want to write for Thor’s Comic Column? We’re looking for a few good Vikings… READ ABOUT IT HERE! A Special Message From Devon Every good thing that I do, I do in the memory of my late mother, Willie Ann Ham-Johnson. I miss you and I will forever keep you … Continue reading


Got an interesting film suggestion? Know of something good in the works? Just want to tell me I’m rubbish? Drop me a line at dave@chud.com, and I’ll respond to any letters in future columns. TALES FROM THE ODD WEST I had a great time slapping together the “theme” section of last week’s column (about flicks … Continue reading


Interviews with foreign language directors are always interesting, because you’re never quite sure if the translator is telling you everything. Not to cite what has now become a cliché, but it really is like Lost in Translation where they speak for minutes, and you get a few seconds recap.   With Takashi Shimizu, he’s been working … Continue reading


We ran a cool contest recently for the upcoming Drawn Together cartoon on Comedy Central. We had three prizes: Third was Reno 911 Season 1 DVD, Second was Chapelle’s Show Season 1 and the awesome grand prize was South Park Seasons 1 through 4. The lucky winners are: Third: Glenn Thomas, OR Second: Art Hultz, … Continue reading


I spent quite a few years in Boston, and in the mid ‘90s Brad Anderson kept cropping up as the name to watch, largely because of films like Next Stop Wonderland. But that sort of romantic escapism, grim as it sometimes was, didn’t do much to prepare anyone for Session 9, Anderson’s flawed but intriguing … Continue reading