Let’s get right to it, shall we? Richard Dickson gives us food for thought. Are we guilty? Richard Dickson Member since 1/21/01 Orlando, FL Born December 8, 1968 Talk to anybody who has anything to do with film – making movies, writing about movies, loving movies, you name it – and they’ll inevitably point to … Continue reading


It’s seems more and more like the right answer to the question "What is the best Tim Burton movie?" is Ed Wood. I’m not sure myself, as it’s been ages since I saw the film in theaters and have grown rather partial to Big Fish. Regardless, Burton’s love note to the deceased angora fashion statement … Continue reading


John Travolta is probably the actor who first influenced me as a mop-headed pup in the Greenwood Lake area of New York. Grease was huge. So was Saturday Night Fever. So were so many that followed, and I hung around even during the lean years until the man had his big comeback. That said, a … Continue reading


Good day. I’m writing this as Hurricane Ivan wetly slaps my portion of the country. A gorgeous pear tree just got shattered across the street and my bizarre Asian neighbors nearly imploded at the sight. They spend 18 hours a day in that yard making it immaculate (seriously, ants have to sign a waiver before … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! So what took so friggin’ long to get a new column out, Dave? Hmmmm? Well, I hit the San Diego Comic Con for random frolicking, debauchery and a bit of actual coverage of the con, and since then I’ve been covering for the vacationing honcho, working my way through the incredibly … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! Here are a few more glimpses at some crap from my collection — basically I’m just skimming through the teetering piles and randomly pulling things out for discussion in the column. I haven’t always seen them beforehand myself, so sometimes the films covered here will be surprises to me as well. … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! Okay, so this edition is a little late, but that’s because I was busy enjoying the new Lost Skeleton of Cadavra DVD. If you like purposely cheesy tribute (homage fromage?) to cheap 50’s sci-fi flick, you ought to dig it. I should probably point out that the discussion of films in … Continue reading


Good day. Since Devin did a terrific and comprehensive review for Spider-Man 2 on Tuesday, I decided not to cloud the mix with my take. Especially since I too loved the film and found the faults to be minimal. It might be the best superhero film since Condorman. Actually, it ranks right up there with … Continue reading


What a week! I’ve spent more time on the telephone this week than I did with my first few girlfriends. Remember those days? The ones where you’d talk all night long and sometimes one would fall asleep and the other would be there on the other end just hanging out and discovering the others’ snore … Continue reading


READ PREVIOUS COLUMNS HERE! This week’s installment mostly focuses on a few cult films I’ve recently caught or dug from the archives, and I figured I’d share my thoughts here. If you’re looking for something with a slightly higher profile, I’d have to recommend you go pick up the new DVD of Spartan, one of … Continue reading