.While you conduct your search for the lost city of Tanis, may I suggest a diversion in the soon to be released found DVD of tennis? Paul Bettany is a minor deity and Kirsten Dunst… was in Spider-Man, so Wimbledon ought to be a film you’re aware of.

Bettany plays a player in the twilight of his career and Dunst is a hot young ace rising up the charts who mixes hitting fuzzy yellow balls with enticing Bettany’s. Love ensues and laughs too in Richard Loncraine’s surprisingly stylish flick.

Our review of the DVD will be up right after Christmas, but in the meantime I have a trio of these discs to offer to lucky Chewers who have email access and a few working brain cells.

How to win:

Answer the questions below, include your mailing address, and use the link (or make sure your email subject is TENNISDVD)…

1. Best sports film of all time?

2. Sport most in need of a good film?

3. Best film of 2004?