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Welcome back to the site after a weekend of naughtiness and repeated kicks to the solar plexus and a Monday that included not getting fired and an unexpected tryst in the closet with your boss’s daughter. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. The official CHUD.com softball team, The Chewers played … Continue reading


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Welcome to Thursday. I needed a day off yesterday, so I took it. Instead of trying to come up with forced humor and responses to letters, I did a little bit of multiplayer Splinter Cell and caught the new Punisher film. One out of two ain’t bad, I suppose. Tomorrow will be a scarce day … Continue reading


Welcome to the middle of the second week of the daily Piss & Vinegar column! It’s funny, I find that the time of day I write the column drastically affects the content in the column. Those late night or early morning sessions find me rambling on and on about some random thing about the business … Continue reading


I hope your weekend was splendid and you found love, earned a ton of cash, and saved the lives of Korean schoolkids trapped in a burning bus. We’re now in the second week of daily Piss & Vinegar (weekdays only) and I’m hoping it’s becoming a daily ritual for you guys like it is for … Continue reading