C Lindsay

The Horrid Truth: NZ Film

I actually started writing this as a reply to “The  Rain Dog on the Message boards in the The Death of 3D Part II thread, but the course of the thread had swerved back on topic and I found out I probably had enough to say on the topic of the NZ film commission to … Continue reading

The Horrid Truth: I See Red

Ever set up a perfect day only to have it spoiled by circumstances beyond your control? Check this. I had my Saturday all sorted. I was going to sleep in,  in the morning,  play Cricket in the afternoon then go to a concert being co headlined by Dave Dobbyn, Bic Runga, and Tim Finn, the … Continue reading

The Horrid Truth:Video Diary

I really hoped to avoid writing this blog, hoped that I would have more interesting things to talk about than my job. I hate writing it even more because I know I’ve become that guy who always complains about his job in conversation, even when no-one’s brought it up. “How are you?” “Alright… but here’s … Continue reading

The Horrid Truth: Into The Wild

Into the Wild If you’re reading this site then hopefully you’re not the kind of person ashamed to admit it when a movie has a profound affect on you. There is something a little potentially cringe worthy about saying Into the Wild had such an affect, though, it conjures up images of pretentious psuedo intellectuals … Continue reading

The Horrid Truth: Leaving so Soon?

Ok, first blog, this one’s a bit ranty, will try to mix them up a bit. Don’t tell any of the staffers, but I really have no idea what I’m doing. Leaving so soon? Think of any Great sporting event that went right down to the wire, think of any great concert that had an … Continue reading