Ok, first blog, this one’s a bit ranty, will try to mix them up a bit. Don’t tell any of the staffers, but I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Leaving so soon?

Think of any Great sporting event that went right down to the wire, think of any great concert that had an outstanding encore, and it’s almost guaranteed that a whole bunch of people who were in attendance missed it because they left early to beat the traffic. I see it every time I go to a live event and I don’t understand the mindset at all. OK many of you live in cities far bigger than I do with congestion many times worse, but I still don’t get it.
I get it even less when I see parents dragging their crying kids away from an edge of your seat finish to a game. These are childhood memories you are ruining here buddy, chill out, go into the event knowing it’s going cost you in traffic time later and just deal with it, what’s so amazing back at the house you spend all your time in anyway, that you have to get back immediately or your whole day was a wash? Would you say to yourself at the movie theater “Wow this movie is really good and it’s building up to a great finale’, well better be getting home, can’t wait to catch the end on DVD”?

Worst of all is the “If we leave now, we’ll be able to catch the end on TV”, What the fuck are you talking about? If you stay, you’ll get to see the end here, with a crowd, with some atmosphere, you’re kid will be able to say he/she was there when the winning run was hit, but no, 15 minutes extra sitting in a car is certainly too high a price to pay for such frivolities.

I was at a Pearl Jam show the other day, and people were bailing in order to beat the crowds home, Well congratulations, Neil Finn came out unannounced and played a Crowded House, and a Split Enz song with the band, it was awesome and you missed it, hope the extra time you bought yourself to make a sandwich was cherished.

It’s not just shows and events though, people seem determined to shun a bit of magic for practicality. It makes you boring, makes you sad, makes you stressed. Cut it out, grab fun while it’s there to be had, don’t have your friends fill you in on the fun later.

While I’m here I’m gonna pimp one of my short movies each blog, until I run out.
First up our Ed Wood Tribute “Satan’s Fungus From Beyond the Moon” Enjoy