HowlLet’s be honest, fans of hairy shapeshifters are not exactly inundated with quality werewolf movies.  Ever since David Naughton became a hungry canine in American Werewolf in London, the only decent werewolf flicks have been low-budget entries that skulked in under the radar like Dog Soldiers and Gingers Snaps (and Wes Craven’s appropriately titled Cursed doesn’t seem likely to break that trend).   

So when a director like Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger) gets involved in a project with the hirsute manglers, it catches your attention. Harlin is planning to direct an adaptation of the impending graphic novel Full Moon Fever, which finds a sundry group of blue-collar workers sent to make repairs to the first lunar base (Deep Blue Sea of Tranquility?). When they arrive, they find the place devoid of humans, and now populated by a pack of savage lycanthropes who have the benefit of the moon being full 24/7.  

The flick will be produced by Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter.  "We both think that Deep Blue Sea is one of the best films in its genre,” said Alter (the Sharks That Hate Thomas Jane genre?).  "I remembered that Renny was originally developing the third installment in the Alien franchise back in the early 90s. So it became a mandate to get him on this project."  Harlin may have a patchy filmography, particularly to anyone who saw Driven or Exorcist: The Beginning, but he’s certainly capable of delivering when he’s “on” (I have unreserved adoration for The Adventures of Ford Fairlane) and could be a good fit for high-concept horror like this. 

The Full Moon Fever comic (to be published by AIT/PlanetLar) is written by Joe Casey (X-Men, Wildcats), who’ll also work with the director and producers on the film adaptation (the property will be simultaneously developed as a videogame project).  Askarieh is producing the videogame adaptation of Spy Hunter with John Woo and The Rock™ (who’s also in the currently shooting Doom flick, which we’ve heard nary a peep about), while Alter continues to scarf up countless comic properties such as Hack/Slash for feature film production.