warI don’t know if Steven Spielberg is going for some kind of Guiness record for Biggest Blockbuster Turned Around In Shortest Amount of Time, but his new version of War of the Worlds is coming damn soon. The movie came together this summer and will be out next summer, and while there’s still extensive location shooting going on, an internet-only trailer will be out this Friday.

I imagine it’ll be mostly unrelated imagery and unfinished FX (how are they possibly going to finish all the CGI for this one in time for the June 29 release date? At the very least this could all make for some interesting special features on the DVD, as you watch CGI guys have breakdowns on camera).

The new version is set in modern times, which sort of feels wrong. It just seems like we’ve already seen Independence Day and that since the George Pal version our technology has come so far that we might be a match for the Martians. Setting this in the original novel’s time period would have been ballsy, fun, and forced Tom Cruise to do another bad accent.

The teaser will be appearing at the official website, http://www.waroftheworlds.com/, Friday morning.