.You guys like the screenings, so they keep coming (even though I’ve been lax in getting the Charlotte and Raleigh stuff organized as well as I should). Plus, when the films are genre flicks like this featuring the muscular hotnesses of both Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds it’s hard to say no.

Blade Trinity, aka Blade III.

If you need to be informed what this film is, you probably need a slap in the jaw. The first one was great and featured that wonderful blood shower sequence at the beginning, some great Stephen Dorff work, and the best work of Steve Norrington’s career. Part two had the grisly Reapers, money shots galore, and Ron friggin’ Perlman. This one has the writer of the first two adding the director tag to his Blade credentials and it’s apparently a lot more humorous in tone.

Plus, Jessica Biel. Come on…

Plus, you can bounce Volkswagons off Reynolds’ abs.

You have to see it. So see it with us.

To win a ticket, use the correct link below, fill out these answers, and include your mailing address.

1. Best vampire flick ever?

2. Worst vampire flick ever?

3. I’m personally tired of vampires. I’ve been tired of them for five years, Angel and Buffy notwithstanding. Since Interview with the Vampire I don’t think there’s been a really great vampire flick made. What is it about vampires that make them such oft traveled topics of horror.

4. What do you want for the holidays giftwise?