Dane Cook is an incredible comic. His Harmful if Swallowed album got heavy rotation in my car as I pretty much forced everyone who entered to at least listen to his bits about the Kool Aid man, punching bees in the face, and the masturbating fetus. Of course, it never ended there and new people fell in love with the man. As far as comics go, I hang my hat on Carlin, Foxx, Hedberg, Stanhope, Cook, and a handful of others but Dane Cook has more energy and manic brilliance than all the others combined.

As confidence goes, few compare. He is so assured and poised that it’s hard not to get behind his absolutely electric onstage presence and his assortment of styles. He also has the ability to deliver jokes that have payoffs even on the fourth or tenth listen, something extremely rare these days.

His new CD Retaliation is a monster. Three discs. Two full shows and one DVD loaded with all sorts of goodies. It’s actually better than the last one, a total shock as Harmful was pretty damned amazing. Cook’s something special, a comic whose CD releases are events and if you’re not planning to be at the local shop early on Tuesday to claim yours, you oughta schedule that appointment now.

Five lucky CHUD.com readers are going to get a copy of the CD all for themselves courtesy of us and Comedy Central Records, the folks unleashing Retaliation. On top of that, there’s a sweet Dane interview on the slate for Wednesday morning. You folks are just THAT good.

How to win this hunk of lust? Answer the questions below, use the link, include your address, and you’ll be in the running and in this day and age, what more could you ask for?

1. What is your favorite comedy CD of all time?

2. On the disc Dane mentions the superpowers he’d most want to have (one involves pasta and another his cock). Aside from boring shit like flight, invincibility, and leather eyes… what would be your favorite 3rd tier superpower?

3. I need to purge my CHUD T-Shirt inventory. Details are HERE. Have you considered helping us in a time of need?

4. Dane Cook recently blew people away with his Tom Cruise on Oprah impression. What other celebrity do you think needs to get it handed to them by the comedian?

5. Comedy CD’s are coming back in a big way, as evidenced by the 300,000+ sales of Dane’s last release. What do you think brought this renaissance about?