Our zombie combo contest (more details HERE) has come to a close, and drew a staggering amount of responses.  Contestants were required to answer these two questions:

1. Besides the mall, where’s the best place to go when the dead start rising from the grave?

2. Without having actually tasted them yet (one hopes), who do you suspect has the most delicious brains?

Winners were selected entirely at random, but popular answers for places to hide included Wal-Mart, cruise ships, National Guard bases and The Winchester, but my favorites were “the Dakotas” and one response that just said “Space!”. 

As for tasty brains, Paris Hilton’s unused melon got a lot of votes, as did Stephen Hawking (he’s smart and really slow), Natalie Portman, President George W. Bush and zombie master George A. Romero, with a couple votes for Dr. Uwe Boll, but the one that got the biggest laugh outta me was “babies, the mentally retarded and people on life support”.  That’s so sweet.

Thanks again to all who entered!  A sack of zombie treats is on its way to each of these winners:

Blanca Tamez, TX

Mitchell King, CA

Bernadette Casas, OR

Greg Hansen, AZ

Jaime Ponce, CA