Shawn C. Baker

Last Minute SaveevaS etuniM tsaL

SPOILER ALERT. It’s late. I’m sitting on the couch, Sierra Nevada in one hand, other hand petting a cat named after my favorite journalist. The explosions and marvel comics-like fight have just ended. The horrified but now safe and through-the-storm mother bleeds a little but is visibly joyous to be back with her children, both … Continue reading

Stop Pushing Me Damnit

You know what is really starting to annoy me? Having to see the trailer for the movie push before EVERY movie I go to. Now, here’s the thing. I fully understand that the price of getting to the theatre early enough to get the seat I want is having to sit through the pre-show ‘entertainment’*. But … Continue reading


… Big is an unlikely pleasure of mine. I don’t say a guilty pleasure because I feel no guilt over liking his music. Biggie was the last big rapper who did anything that I liked on any kind of a consistent basis, and honestly, even though I detest Puffy and all the others from his … Continue reading

Chris Cornell: friend or foe?

I really don’t know what to think about Chris Cornell anymore. A couple days ago my wife downloaded his new single ‘Scream’ – this is the first single off Cornell’s new album, an album that is produced by modern superstar producer ‘Timbaland’. When I first heard this was coming, former Soundgarden frontman vocal-extraordinaire essentially paying … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Aronofsky

Well, thank you sir, You have now successfully constructed two of the best movies of my lifetime, two films that I absolutely love and respect but alas, will most likely never be able to watch again. First it was REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. My god, by the end of that movie, which I watched by … Continue reading


I’m a big fan of a lot of what used to be called Trip Hop. Massive Attack’s MEZZANINE and Thievery Corporation’s THE MIRROR CONSPIRACY are two of my all time favorite albums in the wine-swilling, love-making, opium den end of my tastes, and although there are a lot of other albums in that vein that … Continue reading

Second time around…

WARNING –  I fully realize the following blog is self-indulgent and unbelievably nerd-like. However, when considering the fate of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, I get a little bit D&D. That being said, if you’re going to be the guy that leaves talkback telling me how lame or assuming I am don’t waste your breath – … Continue reading