I’m a big fan of a lot of what used to be called Trip Hop. Massive Attack’s MEZZANINE and Thievery Corporation’s THE MIRROR CONSPIRACY are two of my all time favorite albums in the wine-swilling, love-making, opium den end of my tastes, and although there are a lot of other albums in that vein that I love none of them have that same unbelievably perfect quality as these two masterpieces.

Now I have a third.

D’Nell is the group and 1st MAGIC is the album, released in 2005 but first making it’s way to my ears about two months ago, immediately after which I lost the unlabeled compact disc I burned the album to, only to have it resurface recently and find an almost permanent home in our disc changer. 1st Magic is the kind of album you put on and then about three songs from the end you walk downstairs and hit the ‘repeat disc’ button because the first listen only serves to make you eager to hear it again. How many discs can you say that about?

D’Nell is a British (of course) duo made up of Producer Dan Jones and vocalist Ellie Hajee. As far as I can tell this is their only album to date, on the BBE label, but wow, if you are familiar with the other stuff I’m touting here then you know how good I’m making this out to be*. They have a myspace page here:



* Have I ever met anyone who’s a fan of Mirror Conspiracy or Mezzanine and not thought they were amazing albums? No. That’s the company I’m putting 1st Magic in with here.