Shawn C. Baker

Prettiest Poseur

I’m sorry, but the last thing an egotist like Anthony Kiedis needs is a tv show about his life. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with the Chili’s and BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK is, to me, one of the greatest albums of the 90’s, probably even all time. But as always happens, after the … Continue reading

Don't fight the refrigerator…

… Well, I’m down my good hand for the foreseeable future as I recently picked a fight with my refrigerator and fractured my hand. So now other than having a visible testament to my part time stupidity that everyone asks me about (how ever did you do that?) I also hve to type with one … Continue reading


…is freakin’ awesome. I just finished watching screeners of the first two episodes of Joss Whedon’s new show and if it keeps up the tone and pacing it’s set in these first two, it will be my favorite and I think the best thing Mr. Whedon has done yet. Now, I am not a card … Continue reading

In Defense of Hollywood

 A long time ago I had a membership card at a local Blockbuster Video on the south side of Chicago. Eventually I got a little sick of the fact that they carry next to nothing from before 1993 and so I signed up for Netflix. Netflix was a bit weird for my rather particular wiring … Continue reading


… why, god, why? I wanted to like this movie soo badly. I’ve been flirting with renting Revolver for what, a year now? But everyone I know that has seen it says the same thing – you’ll love the first eleven minutes enough to make you really hate Guy Ritchie after the rest of the … Continue reading

The Process of Weeding Out…

I’m sure there are a lot of Black Flag fans out there. In the social Petri dish of high school rebellion in the 90’s it always seemed to me that two things you could count on surfacing at random stoner parties were BLACK SABBATH’s eponymous debut and BLACK FLAG’S EVERYTHING WENT BLACK. You know how … Continue reading

Infinite Jest

So I finally finished it. Yeah. It took that long. Infinite Jest is, not including the footnotes, 981 pages. With footnotes it is 1079. Now, I’ve read books that are almost as big in a couple of days. Stephen King’s final volume of his amazing DARK TOWER series springs to mind at roughly 850 pages. … Continue reading

On the way to work the other day

… I saw a dreadlocked guy of about twenty-five or thirty riding down a major Los Angeles thoroughfare, holding one hand up in the air, his middle finger extended in a defiant if not cliched gesture we’re used to seeing in arguments and scuffles in our society. As I got closer the finger did not … Continue reading