Shawn C. Baker

The Great Ohio Desert…

Several years ago a friend tried to get me to read David Foster Wallace’s INFINITE JEST. IF you know what it is, you know why I hesitant to make that commitment. I had recently read an interview DFW had done with David Lynch, one of my favorite directors, and loving Mr. Wallace’s writing style made … Continue reading

A Dichotomy of comedy…

Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about, and essentially underline, my loathing for popular ‘comedies’. Long gone are the days of The Burbs, Great Outdoors, The Blues Brothers, Airplane* and essentially, the idea that there are living, working ‘comedians’ in Hollywood. I know Rogen and Apatow hit on all cylinders once in … Continue reading

Quarantine… SPOILERS

Okay, after seeing the trailer for QUARANTINE before The Dark Knight I was pretty psyched. Well, let me slightly rephrase that. I was psyched as much as I could be for a big studio horror flick. I’ve learned too many times in the past that what they masterfully edit together into a wicked looking trailer … Continue reading

What to wear…

I know this is an asshole thing to say, but there are a lot of people out there who need to hear it, so hear goes: IF YOU DRESS PUNK ROCK YOU ARE NOT PUNK ROCK. Period. End of fucking story. Yeah, I know, South Bay LA? And faux burb-mall punk surprises you? You’re right, … Continue reading


I can always tell when October hits, even in a state with no seasonal differentials. Growing up with the seasons in the Midwest the Autumnal is etched into me, so that even here where it’s freakin’ 90 degrees in October, my mind switches to match the introspective and generally more creative vibe that accompanies burning … Continue reading

The Walking Dead

THIS IS THE BEST COMIC BOOK ON THE STANDS RIGHT NOW. IF YOU ARE NOT READING IT YOU ARE CHEATING YOURSELF. Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, on to meaningful exchange… ………… I’m  returning to Chicago in a few weeks for a wedding. I love going home again, especially in Autumn … Continue reading

Six Feet Under…

I began Re-watching Six Feet Under from the beginning last night. Well, re-watching is only partially accurate, because although I was a huge fan of the series almost from it’s inception (thanks to Brown and his Aunt who would tape all great things on cable and pass them to him, and him to I) I … Continue reading

Sierra Nevada's Anniversary Brew

Being from Chicago, as I began to acquire my taste for beer snobbery one of the first beers to help me on my way with that was local GOOSE ISLAND’s HONKER’S ALE. My god, just writing those words makes me salivate. I cannot acquire Goose Island now that I reside on the West Coast, so … Continue reading