Shawn C. Baker

You know what would be Mega-nice?

If Megatron or any of the other transformers characters looked like a transformer instead of like a bunch of old computer parts thrown together and animated. I mean, if it was Junk-gar or whatever the motorcyle guy from the junk world who John Moshitta, Jr. voiced in the animated movie it would be one thing, … Continue reading

Dear Robert Hall

(Spoilers for Laid to Rest below)Mr. Hall, I do not understand this. After reading the article about your movie Laid to Rest in the April issue of Rue Morgue magazine, to which you apparently contributed some comments, I was really looking forward to seeing the film. Then I heard from friends who attended this years … Continue reading


It’s funny. I’ve always dug looking at the horror movie mags but rarely do I buy them. Time sensitive information seems a waste of $10 these days. Read about this movie that’s been announced, see these early pictures, then no sooner do you turn around but Time has gone all Roger Waters on you* and … Continue reading

Shucking the korn…

Remember the band Korn? Yeah, unfortunately I do too. However, it seems more and more of the members of the band are trying desperately to forget it. Rewind. Several years ago Brian ‘Head’ Welch quit Korn and found Jesus. Then about a year and a half ago ‘Head’ published a book (and soon after an … Continue reading

Irvine Welsh's Leith trilogy…

Back in 96 I went and saw Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting. I loved the film and yet it still was another couple years before I found Irvine Welsh’s written work. When this finally happened in the late 90’s it was a good friend who lent me his copy of The Acid House. … Continue reading

Oh Pah-leease!!!

Oh, the comedy of reality. Check this out. “Affliction embodies our generations fast and loud attitude and lifestyle. We take all of our inspiration from music, art, culture, sports, etc and shove them straight in to your face through contemporary fashion. We believe in standing out from the crowd and being heard. Affliction stands for … Continue reading

Among the Thugs… Part 3

I’ve been spending a couple days here talking about Bill Buford’s amazing book Among the Thugs and my own first hand encounters with what I’ve come to think of as the ‘Invisible Malevolence’ that occupies the cities which host the Football Firms and some of their favored matches. Last time I talked about my first … Continue reading


First, follow either of the links below and view the image for yourself. Here and Here So again, why oh why oh why? The blue-hooded Cobra Commander is arguably the most iconic image from GIJOE, so what does it say about expectations for the upcoming film that the creators/adapters couldn’t be bothered to use it? … Continue reading