Shawn C. Baker

Things to look forward to…

I would like to tell you all about two things I am really, really waiting for. The first is writer/director Ti West’s upcoming film ‘HOUSE OF THE DEVIL’. The second… well, we’ll get to the second one in a bit, but first, the devil. By way of introduction, in 2005 Ti West made a movie … Continue reading

Time Machine Go!!! 2002

Okay, a good friend sent me a copy of Ken Russell’s ‘FALL OF THE LOUSE OF USHER’. I knew nothing of this movie and was largely unfamiliar with Mr. Russell, other than 1980’s ALTERED STATES & 1986’s GOTHIC. The latter film I love, the former being something I bought on clearance several years ago but … Continue reading


Okay, do you know who I think is the most talented person in Hollywood? Paris Hilton’s agent. Seriously, this is a person unknown to me. I don’t know their name, their gender, their age. Nothing. But I sure as hell know for an absolute FACT that they are the most talented person in Hollywood because … Continue reading