Phil Dean

Scott Fest: Alien

ALIEN (1979) Director: Ridley A “sophomore slump”, depending on which definition you choose, can either be a director’s second film, or the next film they make after their breakout hit. For Ridley Scott, your options would be Alien or Blade Runner. I would say that anyone calling either of those a “slump” probably has a … Continue reading

Scott Fest: The Duellists

THE DUELLISTS (1977) Director: Ridley Ridley Scott’s directoral debut is the story of two French officers, d’Hubert (Keith Carradine) and Feraud (Harvey Keitel), who engage in a decades long conflict with each other over the coarse of the Napoleonic Wars. It’s based on a short story by Joseph Conrad, which was itself inspired by a … Continue reading

Scott Fest: A Prelude

I don’t really “get” Ridley Scott; Never have, possibly never will. Which is a little strange, given that he fits all the criteria for a director that I should love: He makes sci-fi, fantasy and horror films (Or, for the most part, movies in which several people are shot in the face or skewered by … Continue reading

Kick-Ass Is Fucking Awesome

Shaun Of The Dead is a good movie to compare this to. For instance, it’s one of those rare films that I can blanketly recommend to anyone who is friends with me; If you like me, you will like this. Secondly, like Shaun, it will entertain you whether you’re a fan of the genre of … Continue reading

Red Riding Trilogy (Minor Spoilers)

There is an early Simpsons episode, set in Kamp Krusty, in which the unfortunate campers are being subjected to the cruel machinations of Mr. Black and his goonish group of counsellors. As Bart and Lisa settle into their dilapidated shacks, Mr. Black proposes a toast at his lavish dinner table; “Gentlemen. . . To evil!”. … Continue reading

Imagine Life In A Bubble

You are born in a room with stark, bare walls. Within this room you remain for your entire childhood. You have no human interaction. When hungry, you type what you want into a computer, and it materializes for you. Besides your sex and complexion, you know nothing about yourself. You don’t know your parents, your … Continue reading


Getting back into watching Lost via Netflix instant. I had seen the first season, and a couple episodes of season two, back when they first aired. Having been mightily impressed by the first few episodes, I found myself being disappointed with the goofier aspects; Ridiculous flashbacks (Of course the Arab dude was once undercover in … Continue reading