Phil Dean


I’ve been seeing advertisements for “Adam Green’s Hatchet 2” plastered all over the internet, and it really makes me wonder; When did they start name dropping directors that no one cares about? Going in the wayback machine to the turn of the millenium, I seem to remember being surprised by a Fellowship Of The Rings … Continue reading

A-haunting we will go!

I take a stroll outside. It’s a overcast day, cold and wet, and the wind blows right through me. Almost unexpectedly, I realize that the sun has gone down. Something rustles in a nearby bush; a squirrel, or other small creature, surely. The dried up carcasses of withered leaves crackle beneath my stride. The air … Continue reading

The Wedding List

Do you have any “Deal Breakers”, when it comes to movies? If your girlfriend, boyfriend or undefinable one hates a certain film that you love, is it time to be moving on? As a single man, I had two criteria: Anyone that I seriously dated had to love Robocop and Dawn Of The Dead (1978). … Continue reading

Survival Of The Dead

I’m as surprised as anyone to say that I actually enjoyed this. Modern Romero films have to be seen through rose-tinted glasses, to be sure. It’s tough not to grit my teeth at his bizarre usage of film noir dialogue mixed with heavy handed pontification on the nature of, like, what zombies “mean”, man. “We’re … Continue reading

The American

When a new hitman movie is announced, such as this one, I tend to emit a noise best described as a mixture between a sigh and a groan. Especially if it involves someone’s “last job”. Hitmen are as lazy of a storytelling device as mutants or serial killers; It’s an easily understood character type, which … Continue reading

LOST: Series Review (Major Spoilers)

I finished the last episode of the final season today. I know; “A little late”, right? I don’t have cable, and my preferred method of watching television is to wait until a season ends, then absorb it as quickly as possible. Fuck serialization; I need instant gratification. Amazingly, I was able to stay away from … Continue reading