Phil Dean

Scott Fest: Days Of Thunder and Thelma & Louise

DAYS OF THUNDER (1990) Director: Tony A whitesploitation film that’s kind of like Cronenberg’s Crash without the erections. Or with the erections, but without full release. I should hate this, but actually found it to be pretty enjoyable. You’ve got a great cast (Though I could’ve used a little more John C Reilly), a solid … Continue reading

Iron Man 2 (Spoilers)

I almost don’t feel like reviewing this, because there really isn’t much of a movie to review. Not to say that it’s bad. But it isn’t particularly good, either. It’s just Robert Downey Jr being charming, and a whole lot of missed opportunity for drama. One of the things that really worked for me in … Continue reading

Scott Fest: Black Rain and Revenge

The Scott brothers try their hand at the Ugly American genre. BLACK RAIN (1989) Director: Ridley Osaka is the city of the future. And the future’s so bright, Michael Douglas wears shades. Not wanting to exit the eighties without having directed at least one stupid action movie, Sir Ridley latches onto this bike riding shoot-em-up. … Continue reading

Scott Fest: Top Gun

TOP GUN (1986) Director: Tony If one had access to a jet fighter, why would you want to take the highway to the danger zone? Wouldn’t air travel be more expedient? In a complete 180 from the Lesbos Vampiros film, Tony directs a movie so chock full of male bonding and aggression, that the machismo … Continue reading

Scott Fest: Legend

LEGEND (1985) Director: Ridley Ridley segues from the unicorn in Blade Runner, to the unicorns, faeries and goblins of Legend. In an enchanted forest, Jack (Tom Cruise) and Lily (Mia Sara) battle the forces of darkness, as personified by, well, Darkness (Tim Curry). As much an homage to classic Disney films as it is to … Continue reading

Scott Fest: The Hunger

THE HUNGER (1983) Director: Tony Enter, brother Tony. I watched this one years ago on VHS, and remember enjoying it at the time. Not so much anymore. First off, I’m gonna say that Catherine Deneuve was not a great choice to play the head vampire; Her english is so broken that I either can’t understand … Continue reading

Scott Fest: Blade Runner

BLADE RUNNER (1982) Director: Ridley Watched the Final Cut version, which I greatly prefer to the others. I like all the different versions, though. Midwest bumpkin note: I had no idea that the Bradbury Building was an actual place. I thought that Ridley was tipping the hat to Ray. One of many things I learned … Continue reading