Phil Dean

Antichrist Review (Huge Spoilers!!!)

Watch the film before reading this. And you should definitely watch this film. Soooo. . . Wow. Intense. It’s certainly not a film for all tastes, but it should be. If for no better reason than the discussions that you will have with other people about the film’s plot and deeper meanings. I pride myself … Continue reading

My Collection Of Random Oscar Thoughts

-The Oscar telecast, from the opening song forward, contained references to anal rape, drug use, suicide, incest and Whoopi Goldberg soiling her pants. Seeing as the Oscars are fairly populist entertainment, was there no thought that children may be watching? Also, do the Oscars has any semblance of dignity left, or is this just the … Continue reading

In Defense Of Tim Burton

Alice In Wonderland is out today, and I can’t say that I’m too excited about it. Besides how unnecessary it is to adapt this book again, Tim Burton’s cinematic output in the last 15 years has been a little. . . weaksauce. Here’s my list of favorite Burtons, from best to worst: 1. Batman Returns … Continue reading

Howl At The Wolfman

The original Wolf Man is one of my all time favorite films, and one of the things that I love most is it’s simplicity; Dog bites man, man becomes dog. That type of direct storytelling seems to serve genres like horror well, because you can devote more time to suspense and atmosphere that would have … Continue reading

My Thoughts On 3-D (In 2-D)

3-D movies are a wonderful part of the history of cinema, from Bwana Beast to Avatar. They can add a little jump to the scares, a little height to the cliffs and a little immersion to the fantasy. They can sometimes be great films in their own right (Creature From The Black Lagoon, Dial M … Continue reading

Cinema as Religion

I’m not a person that would be traditionally classified as religious. I do not practice the devotions of christianity, voodoo, buddhism or shinto. No, I found my calling at a young age, watching an 8mm reel of Godzilla vs Mothra from the inside of a cardboard box on my living room floor; The Movies. You … Continue reading