Getting back into watching Lost via Netflix instant. I had seen the first season, and a couple episodes of season two, back when they first aired. Having been mightily impressed by the first few episodes, I found myself being disappointed with the goofier aspects; Ridiculous flashbacks (Of course the Arab dude was once undercover in a terrorist cell, in an effort to continue his Night Porter style romance. Of course.), a lesson learned in every episode (Fat people are more than just comic relief! Oh, wait. . .), and perhaps a few too many slo-mo reunions. Years later, my mind has finally come to terms with the fact that it’s just TV, not HBO, and I’m having a blast with it. It falls into the category of great pop entertainment that’s everything for everyone, but doesn’t feel that watered down in any one regard. Want Robert Louis Stevenson style adventure? That’s here. Lovecraftian style horror and weirdness? Yep. Philip Dick mind-fucking? Uh huh. GQ models talking about their troubled pasts? They got that, too. I’ll keep you guys abreast of the next time I’m the last person on the bandwagon; Maybe I’ll give this “cheese” everyone’s eating a try.

The rumored director wish list for Mission:Impossible 4 is even more random than the one for Breaking Dawn; Edgar Wright (Shaun Of The Dead), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and the supposed frontrunner, Brad Bird (Has yet to make a movie about zombies). While Bird’s Objectivism crossed with Tom Cruise’s Samuraitology would be interesting, I’m kind of hoping for Wright on this one. Sure, it’d be a step down for him, but think of the combination of Movie Nerd and Spy Film; This could be like that Scorsese Bond film that will never happen! And, he might need the money. The newly released trailer for Scott Pilgrim has convinced me of two things: The movie will be great, and it will be a huge bomb. It’s just looking a little too strange for the mainstream.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see a screening of “Mirror, Father, Mirror” at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.