Phil Dean


Concrete, the irregularly long running comic series written and illustrated by Paul Chadwick, is a wonderful read. It’s perfectly accessible to people who’ve never picked up a comic book before. But, somehow, it has never managed to penetrate the mainstream conciousness. The reasons for this become clear upon first reading. In the beginning, you had … Continue reading

Going in fresh

What do I know about Avatar? Pretty much. . . nothing. I’ve seen the unavoidable photos of blue aliens. I’m guessing, based on the title alone, that there will be an Avatar of some sort. And, being a James Cameron film, I’m guessing that there’s action and shit blowing up good. You see, if it’s … Continue reading

Continuities that I choose to ignore

Comic books fans are most familiar with this; Serialized comic stories go on for decades, and over the years there are some elements that you find. . . not so great. So you choose to ignore them. Sometimes, the company themselves chooses to ignore them, and you get events like Crisis On Infinite Earths, which … Continue reading

Reminiscences about the Aughts

So, I did my top 100 movies of the new millenium last week, and it’s got me to thinking about the last decade in general. Since my thoughts seem to go in every direction at once, this is going to be more of a collection of random thoughts than a point by point rundown. So, … Continue reading

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

I’m someone that could derisively be referred to as a “casual gamer”; I usually won’t spend more than four hours at a time on a game, and sometimes I like to get out and see the sun. That being said, it should come as no surprise that despite my owning a PS3 for over a … Continue reading

Review: An Education

Even though the credits tell me that this is based on a Lynn Barber’s memoir, it feels like a mixture of screenwriter Nick Hornby’s previously established worlds; Like, if the boy from About A Boy were actually a young version of the main character in High Fidelity. But a girl. Certainly, all of the trademark … Continue reading


Why, after so many years living as a colonist, is Doctor Who suddenly my cheesy british drug of choice? Well, having Netflix instant and time on my hands is part of the answer. But it has a particular charm that’s difficult to put my finger on. Being a Douglas Adams fan for most of my … Continue reading

This little light of mine. . .

Going to see a movie in a crowded theater used to be a pleasurable experience. It didn’t matter if the A/C was busted on a humid summer night, or if the theater was mysteriously filled with mosquitos, or even being squashed between the two behemoths sitting on either side of me; All of that just … Continue reading