CHUD’s own Master Chief, Nick "Beards-a-Plenty" Nunziata, first talked about Microsoft and their cute little stunt to bully studios into buying Alex Garland’s Halo script right here. Now, it seems that two studios are going to come out of this holding hands on the whole deal…

Fox & Universal

According to Variety and an article from the NY Times, Microsoft (along with CAA – Creative Artists Agency) had originally set the demands of $10 million dollars upfront, final approval of director and cast, 60 first-class plane tickets for Microsoft representatives and their guests to the movie’s premiere, whores, blow, and plenty of bottles of PatrĂ³n Silver (this is all "alleged", of course).

Apparently now, the two takers will split the costs (which have been chopped down to $5 million) and are going to be gunning for a 2007 release. Neither Fox nor Universal would comment since the deal is reportedly contingent on Microsoft giving up some creative control… or the whores, I forget which.

To check out the NY Times article in full, click here (registration required).

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