… why, god, why? I wanted to like this movie soo badly. I’ve been flirting with renting Revolver for what, a year now? But everyone I know that has seen it says the same thing – you’ll love the first eleven minutes enough to make you really hate Guy Ritchie after the rest of the movie.

I feel like crying.

Let me spin ya a yarn about love of the highest degree: boy sees movie starring Brad Pitt, then all but unknown Jason Statham, and boy’s long screen love Dennis Farina (oh Crime Story, where for art thou?) not realizing what an incredible piece of cinema he is getting himself into. Boy finishes movie, jumps for joy and runs out soon after to buy expensive, deluxe edition DVD copy for himself. Boy then proceeds to rewatch movie and soak in it’s greatness, continuing on to watch ALL the bonus features in the same day (somthing the boy, after years of buying more $$$ deluxe editions realizes he doesn’t do all that often and so largely stops buying deluxe editions). Boy marvels and tells everyone he meets that will listen to him just how awesome said movie is.

That was SNATCH. Truly a modern movie, perfect in every last way, from cast to cussin’.

Next boy’s friend lends him movie’s predecessor, LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. Boy enjoys this movie but considers it the directors original attempt at something that he then perfected in the aforementioned masterpiece Snatch. A good watch, belongs in the Collection, but 9 times out of 10, when in the mood for this new strain of Cinema director has seemingly created*, boy would just rather watch the perfected form.


* A genre boy would begin referring to as Brit-Techno-Capers, which would be brilliantly carried on in films like SEXY BEAST, LAYER CAKE and, sorry Nick, THE BANK JOB.