Taylor Fenno

Scaled back and concentrated

I’m going to start a concentrated series of blog posts here that will help keep from the randomness of this and that blogging which I am more accustomed too. I am going to specifically talk about trailers and film score. Fortunately, that gives me the ability to show examples and allow for the reader to … Continue reading

Do you know Hayley Atwell?

To be honest, I don’t. I know she is pretty cute and I know she was just recently cast in The First Avenger: Captain America to play the role of Peggy Carter. Beyond that, I have never seen her act in anything.Fortunately, I’m going to get the chance to see the girl in action in … Continue reading

Movie Reviews: "Kick-Ass"

(I realize that Devin has already reviewed this film twice on the main site, but still felt compelled to give my view here in the blog section.)                           All over the blogosphere, reviewers have been talking about the greatness of Kick-Ass. But I must confess, I don’t really see it. Sure the homages to … Continue reading

Alert: "Troll 2" on MGMHD

As the documentary “Best Worst Movie”, nears its April 23rd “release date”, I thought it would be nice to let people know where they can catch the movie the documentary is based on. And in HD to boot!MGMHD (one of the crappier movie channels though scoring points for this) will be showing “Troll 2″ on … Continue reading

I cannot believe my eyes…

Dr. Horrible 2 is being written! This is wonderful news. If only because I loved the original. But then again I am partial to musicals.According to Whedonopolis.com, Dr. Horrible 2 is currently being written. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but the sooner there is a script, the sooner production can start.At the end … Continue reading

New Trailers: "Step Up 3D"

So I like “Step Up 2: The Streets”. What can I say except that it is a guilty pleasure. I think Briana Evigan is hot and I loved watching her dance. Though the story is predicatably boring, director Jon Chu seems to give me just enough music and dance to keep my interest from fleeting. … Continue reading