So I like “Step Up 2: The Streets”. What can I say except that it is a guilty pleasure. I think Briana Evigan is hot and I loved watching her dance. Though the story is predicatably boring, director Jon Chu seems to give me just enough music and dance to keep my interest from fleeting.

Now comes “Step Up 3D” again directed by Chu…and if you couldn’t tell by the title it will be presented in 3D. Nice title… Anyways, this time it seems we get to go to New York City, Paris and who knows where else (this film was shot in Paris, France and New York City). The plot, besides the cliché love story, centers around the holding of the first ever international World Jam Dance Battle. But you don’t bring a crew to this battle. You have to bring your “house” (a super-crew as explained to us in the trailer). Apparently we are getting the best dancers from all over the world at this special first time event.

As if flying objects at the screen isn’t enough for people to get giddy about 3D, you’ll now have feet, hands and preferably boobs and butt coming right at you. Now don’t get me wrong, the premise for this film is just more of the same, but the story isn’t necessarily the draw. The story simply gives an avenue for the dancing to be showcased. I’m partially ashamed to say that I’m actually going to go see this. But it looks fun, and aren’t we all entitled to a little fun now and then.

Oh, and yes I’ll be seeing it in 3D. Yes you know my feelings about 3D, but as of right now I believe that it was filmed in 3D and not converted in post. So the vision for this film all along has been 3D and I will be interested to see the film in that format. So yes, I’ll be checking it out. Below is the trailer…

Release: August 6th, 2010
Director: Jon Chu
Starring: Adam G. Sevani, Sharni Vinson and Rick Malambri

Step Up 3D in HD

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