Taylor Fenno

"Invictus" Trailer

So the trailer for “Invictus” has dropped and has been all the buzz for the last 24 hours, but for GOOD REASON! I have been waiting for this film all year and am even more excited about seeing some footage. Morgan Freeman has put himself in the driver’s seat for Best Actor and Matt Damon … Continue reading

Revisiting "Speed Racer"

It now seems unfortunate that I never saw this film in theatres. It was probably because of the acclaim that “Iron Man” was receiving and the lashing that “Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” got from fanboys. This film was for the most part badly reviewed garnering only a measly 36% from … Continue reading

3D – I'm lovin' it

I recently saw “Monsters Vs Aliens”, which I didn’t think was great, however the 3D was awesome. And I am starting to get even more excited 3D as Disney 3D films and James Cameron’s “Avatar” near release.  I am extremely excited for “Beauty and the Beast 3D” (which happens to be my favorite Disney film) … Continue reading