Taylor Fenno

Old Movies: "The Big Sleep"

I used to have a fear. This fear had kept me from watching some amazing movies. What was that fear? That black and white film would bore me and be a waste of my time. I know its a strange fear, but that is honestly what kept me from watching the great classics in the … Continue reading

Devin is so right about 3D…

It will die! I don’t enjoy it for a combination of factors:1. Gratutious use of 3D2. The surplus charge for a movie ticket3. Cinematography is hopefully my profession someday and unless you spend the money to actually previz and shoot in 3D than its an absolute destruction of the original vision.4. 3D is nothing new, its just a … Continue reading

Oscars 2010 sucked!

I’m one of those people that loves to watch the Oscars. But I’m also one of those that can’t stand the non-sense and waste in the televised program as well. As many know, besides honoring those that created the films, the Oscars are designed to generate more revenue whether it be at the box office, … Continue reading

"Casablanca" a classic?

(As a preface, this is mostly written out of disagreeing with a certain member of the Slash Filmcast, a podcast that I highly recommend. Adam, I must respectfully disagree.)   As a 23 year old male, who just watched “Casablanca” for the first time the other night, I have no choice but to completely disagree … Continue reading

OSCAR Noms Announced!

Short post, but the Oscars have been anounced! We are now in the home stretch. Some of the categories (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor) are already decided. But it is the categories such as Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture that really excite with their diversity and strength. It will be an … Continue reading

Avatar boring fest…

That’s what I thought during my screening of James Cameron’s “Avatar”. The film is absolutely beautiful to look at and very immersive especially in 3D. However, the narrative that follows along with the visuals is lacking, almost as if the technology needed the story as a supplement. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), is an ex-marine that … Continue reading