Julia Marchese

Bring Gimmicks Back!!!

Bring back gimmicks. I’m talking William castle-style seat tingling, skeleton flying, life insurance waver signing type gimmicks. I went and saw two 3D movies this weekend and had a blast. Nothing makes you feel more like a kid than reaching out to see if you can touch the effect coming out of the screen. It … Continue reading


Being a non-drinker in 2009 is an interesting thing. I don’t drink because I don’t like the way it tastes, and because it makes me sick. These reasons, I’ve found, aren’t good enough. People look at me like I just sprung a second head that looks like Bud Cort. “You have to acquire the taste!” … Continue reading


It happened. I joined the cult of Twilight. It was an accident. I have always been the kind of person who shuns popular media. Harry Potter makes me puke, Oprah’s book club is nauseating, Heroes and Lost pedestrian. I never give any of these things a chance, of course, because I am a tremendous snob. … Continue reading

Fast Food Independents Dying.

I grew up in Las Vegas with several fast food joints that don’t exist any more. The nauseating sounding Naugles, the obscenely titled Teenie Weenies, Rally’s and my favorite, Farm Basket. Farm Basket is a down home style fast food joint, with a barn shaped building and an interior done entirely in kitschy plaids and … Continue reading

Seth Green's Calvacade of Horror!!

Starting this Wednesday, September 3rd is out 5th guest programmer series at the New Bev SETH GREEN’S CALVALCADE OF HORROR The super rad movies Seth is showing are: Sept 3-4 ROBO COP & DIE HARD Sept 5-6 DEFENDING YOUR LIFE & DEATH BECOMES HER Sept 7-9 YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE WARRIORS Sept 10-11 THREE … Continue reading

Seth Green's festival at the New Bev!

The New Beverly Cinema is proud to announce the 5th in our special guest programmer series, SETH GREEN, star of Cant Hardly Wait, Robot Chicken, Family Guy and tons and tons more. Get ready for: SETH GREEN’S CINEMATIC CAVALCADE OF HORROR!! special guests TBA!!! The New bev is finalizing some last minute bookings…the final film … Continue reading

The candy that nobody eats

So we all know that Snickers is the best selling candy bar world wide. People feel (and this is something I have tested working behind the candy counter at the new bev) that if a candy bar has peanuts in it that it is healthier for them. No joke. This is why Snickers out sells … Continue reading