If you will recall, dear reader, I wrote a blog complaining that restaurants will never give me my food as spicy as I want it. That i find this a form of racism in Indian and Thai places, since they assume because I am a white girl that I can’t handle my spice.

I was in Seattle a few weekends ago and happened upon the Pho 999 in the Broadway district. My mom went to Vietnam for vacation last year and has been a devoted Pho junky ever since. After some extraordinarily delicious spring and egg rolls, i tucked into my beef with lemongrass and peppers. Requested, as usual, extra spicy. It was fucking awesome.

it was so hot that half way through i wasn’t sure if I could finish it. I have never had that feeling before in my life. And while it was mouth scaldingly hot, it was also terrifically delicious. I have never been in so much gastronomic pain before and yet i was completely delighted. Finally! A restaurant that gave me what I asked for, tastebuds be damned!!

so not only did they rock my socks off with my entree, they also gave out FREE cream puffs for dessert. I was thinking about moving in. I am a pastry fanatic and these cream puffs were from outer space. i had to buy more just to bring some back so my family would know what a cream puff is supposed to taste like.

if only there was a Pho 999 here….sigh.