So we all know that Snickers is the best selling candy bar world wide. People feel (and this is something I have tested working behind the candy counter at the new bev) that if a candy bar has peanuts in it that it is healthier for them. No joke. This is why Snickers out sells Milky Way and Peanut M&M’s tromp plain.

But my affection goes out to those candies that no one likes. To the Mike N Ikes, the Dots, The Hot Tamales, the Big Cherry. I recently read a book called Candy Freak, and in it the author describes the (surprisingly fascinating) history of candy bars. How Hersey’s, Nestle and Mars corporations have essentially swallowed up all of the little guys and how its really hard to be an independent company these days. (I guess that’s true of everything). The book focused on the candy bars that are family run and are still being made the same way today they always have been. the Goo Goo Cluster, Valomilk, Abba Zabbas and the like. I have more respect for these candy bars, of course. But no one eats them.

I was marvelling yesterday how for every product in the entire world, there has to be someone, somewhere, who is a die hard fan. Someone loves Chuckles so much that they are loyal to that candy, probably collect merchandise about that candy, and tells everyone they should eat that candy. If you think about the scope of this premise, its pretty crazy.

And its the same for everything. Someone out there is a Matthew Modine fan (the most milquetoast actor on the fucking planet) who has their little fan site and watches his movies on repeat. Why? What is it about human nature that encourages us to be obsessive and nostalgic and yet at the same time, victims of advertising and peer pressure?

In conclusion, I say fuck Snickers and Brad Pitt. Love your Modine and Chuckles with pride. Go out to your local convenience store today and buy the most obscure candy you can find, and then go rent Vision Quest. Right on.