James McCormick

Wedding Fun and Alice Porn

It’s 100 degrees here in New York City and feels like Satan took his balls and rubbed it on the sky and then tea bagged the whole of humanity. Anyway, back from the big wedding event of the summer between our good friends Eli and Lindsay. Eli is actually pretty famous in the world of … Continue reading

Back from a crazy weekend

Had a wedding to go to in Massachusetts.* A very exciting prospect that made my girlfriend and I ponder the question, “How many gifts could we get from our friends and family?” A serious question that comes from any couple, large or small, rich or poor. No matter the case, that still comes up in … Continue reading

Go ahead. Make my day.

Been watching the new Dirty Harry collection that just came out. So fantastic a set. Lots of cool extras and Best Buy had the cool exclusive file folder from the Scorpio case. Such a geeky thing to have. But I hate when people actually speak to me about Dirty Harry movies and swear to their … Continue reading

PSA's and the wonder of childhood

I have tons of weird childhood memories. Stuff that just rushes back to me, or is mentioned to me by my girlfriend that she also liked or disliked. Such as the infamy of the 80’s PSA’s. You know which ones. The commercials that were supposed to stop you from doing drugs, not be racist, breaking … Continue reading


While I was putting my dirty clothes from the past month or so in the washing machines at my local laundromat (or laundermat, as some would have you believe), my mind started to wander. It might have been because of the whirring of the machines. Maybe the shuffling of little old ladies. Or the drowning … Continue reading