Been watching the new Dirty Harry collection that just came out. So fantastic a set. Lots of cool extras and Best Buy had the cool exclusive file folder from the Scorpio case. Such a geeky thing to have.

But I hate when people actually speak to me about Dirty Harry movies and swear to their almighty god that Harry Callahan speaks those lines in the original Dirty Harry.* It truly boggles my mind that these so called purveyors of film don’t even know about the films they love to preach about.

These are the same people who say Frankenstein when speaking about the monster.

The same people who also swear that Bogart utters the line, “Play it again, Sam.” in Casablanca.

The same goes for who think Nic Cage is still a good actor. Sad but true people!

So I’ll be away at a wedding over this weekend in Massachusetts (exciting!), probably hanging out with Moby (friends with the groom) and watching tons of movies with my girlfriend and a few other people in the dorms (yes, the wedding is at a college). If it’s amazing enough, I will write about it. If not, I will only write about the movies.

*It’s from the Clint Eastwood helmed Sudden Impact.