While I was putting my dirty clothes from the past month or so in the washing machines at my local laundromat (or laundermat, as some would have you believe), my mind started to wander. It might have been because of the whirring of the machines. Maybe the shuffling of little old ladies. Or the drowning sound of The Insider on CBS. But it made me have to leave and run back to my apartment to escape that existence.

At least until the dryer part occurs.

But I also have to return one of my favorite movies to Blockbuster that I had bought for 4 for $20. Yes, the infamous used DVD sales that Blockbuster throws at me and all of us. All of the time. About 20% of my collection is from sales such as those. And I’ve had people scoff at me when I tell them I buy movies from Blockbuster. Scoffing? At me? Since when did buying used DVD’s become passe?

The film I must return though is Hollywood Shuffle. Reason being? When I finally got a chance to open it (it’s a problem that I have. I’ll buy a ton of DVD’s and let them sit for a week and finally start to catch up with the watching) it had not a scratch, but instead the disc was cracked right through the middle.

Um… what? How the hell do you crack a DVD in half? And then return it to the store. And then the employees just let it sit there, for years probably, collecting dust, until finally a schlub like me decides to finally purchase the fine Robert Townsend film, a film that I’ve wanted to own for years. Jeri curls and Keenan Ivory Wayans. It angers me to no end. It’s happened a handful of times, and I’ve found a few gems throughout my horrible experiences. Like one of my favorite creature features, Squirm.

So I must go back today, while the dryer occurs. I will run to my neighborhood Blockbuster and ask them the following, “When I bought this last week, I did not have the chance to look to see if my disc was placed in a buzz saw. Next time I shall, but please let me peruse your used section once more and continue my addiction. Thank you.”