James McCormick

Randomized thoughts Vol. 1

Been away for quite a bit. Been working overnights into the day shift at 14 hours a day. At five days a week makes James an insane little boy. But I’m using these few minutes I have that I don’t need to either be eating, sleeping, shitting or working to write a random blog about … Continue reading

I miss Mike Myers

Just kidding. I don’t miss him one bit. Fine, I liked the first Austin Powers movie (even though In Like Flint* is far superior). I really liked the first Wayne’s World film. Even the sequel was halfway decent. Then something happened. He just phoned it in. He uses the only stupid voice he knows and … Continue reading

A Break in the Normal Programming

As I attempt to write an article for the magazine Paracinema (a great genre magazine slowly building up steam in various markets throughout the country),  writing reviews on some exploitation films Severin Films sent me recently to cover and also some book reviews for one of my favorite companies in the literary world, Hard Case … Continue reading

I miss Michael Keaton

With the release of the new Batman flick The Dark Knight in about 24 hours (trust me, I’ll be there at 12:01 a.m.), I brought out my Batman DVD collection and was watching bits and pieces of each one. Then I decided to throw on Tim Burton’s Batman, and watching Michael Keaton made me realize … Continue reading

I miss Eddie Murphy

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. And no, I am not speaking about the abysmal movie Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg. Ugh, that just sent shivers down my spine. No, instead I speak about the abysmal movie career choice/choices that Eddie Murphy has chosen in this lifetime. What happened to our ‘heh heh heh’ guy? Oh right, Beverly Hills … Continue reading