Had a wedding to go to in Massachusetts.* A very exciting prospect that made my girlfriend and I ponder the question, “How many gifts could we get from our friends and family?” A serious question that comes from any couple, large or small, rich or poor. No matter the case, that still comes up in conversation.

Why else would people get registries with different stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com, Home Depot, etcetera and blah blah blah.

She and I don’t agree fully with the whole marriage thing though. Well, the religious aspect of it to be exact. That whole ‘to have and to hold’ bullshit doesn’t fly well in our household.

*warning, going to be a bit mushy here*

We know we love each other and really don’t need the state or God or whoever saying it’s official. But then we thought about the benefits of being married, such as the gift department. But also the whole legality of it all. Let’s say I get hit by a car (again) and this time it’s worse than before. I’m on my death bed, a vegetative state. My family wants me to live because they love me so much, even when I’m drooling more than ever.

But my gal knows what’s best and she and I already had a discussion about this years ago that I want to be let go and pull the plug. All that fun stereotypical stuff that makes the world go round. So what happens if we’re not married? She technically has no right then. Which is sad, especially if we share an apartment (or house which we’re trying to get), a life together, secrets, future children, world domination. So a piece of paper is the difference between the choice of life and death.

So that’s what our friend’s marriage did to us. Had us thinking a bit. We’re still not getting married, not because we don’t love each other. But because we have the choice. And hell, we’re still trying to gather some more friends before then.

*Where the people driving won’t run you down while you’re crossing against the light. Amazing!