I have tons of weird childhood memories. Stuff that just rushes back to me, or is mentioned to me by my girlfriend that she also liked or disliked. Such as the infamy of the 80’s PSA’s. You know which ones. The commercials that were supposed to stop you from doing drugs, not be racist, breaking eggs with a frying pan. Learned it by watching you and all that fun stuff.

So there was one PSA for years that I remembered about racial equality. One with a catchy tune that I could’ve sworn, later on in life, was the ‘rap/bebop’ guy from The Barenaked Ladies. I remembered the lines, “Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, or purple or green or red with polka dots on your head.” My friend Tommy also remembered it and knew for a fact it was the guy from BNL*.

So as I perused the internet and Youtube to be exact, I found The Ballad of Gordo, which is the music video/PSA that ran while I was youngling**. Which is in fact the full Barenaked Ladies band doing the song. A rush to my childhood, before I was wronged in various ways. When TMNT was the biggest cartoon around. Which also brings to the forefront the classic, “I’m not a chicken, you’re a turkey.”

If I was more tech savvy with this blog, I’d be posting the videos up on here, to make everyone happy. Nothing brings more joy than PSA’s that probably made more kids do drugs than stay off of them. But right now, I’m at a loss and am probably looking at the proper way to post a video, but I’m lazy and need to pass out in a few minutes. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go out of my way to search the video option.

* BNL = Barenaked Ladies…. the hippest way to call them.

** Not a word, but I know Obi Wan loved saying it in Revenge of the Sith.