Gabe Powers

Italian Horror Check-List Part One

Per request (I know, right, Gabe gets requests?) I’ve been asked my opinion on the must sees of the Italian horror/thriller/fantasty genres. I shall be keeping this in mostly list form, without wasting any of your time with long winded reasoning, and lists will be divided first by director, then by sub-genre. I’m also attempting … Continue reading

Stupid Christmas Card Time

I tried very, very, very hard to come up with a horror movie, comic book or Star Wars themed joke, because they’re more my scene, but this year has ended up being personally defined by Star Trek anyway (new movie, Blu-ray releases, and new friends). Sorry it isn’t funnier, I hope the thought is enough, … Continue reading

Overlooked Horror Fun for Halloween

To assist my fellow Chewers in preparing their upcoming Halloween festivities I’m listing some particularly interesting horror films that have been overlooked by even hardened horror fans may have missed, or not even known existed in the first place.   6 Films to Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale (aka: Cuento de navidad): A group … Continue reading

Fun With Exploitation Video Art, Part 1

My continuing spiral of boredom has recently moved away from revisiting childhood animated favorite to remembering the video box art of the classic ’80s VHS and Beta era. In attempting to remember a specific film I came to the CHUD message boards with nothing but a description of the box art, and I was not … Continue reading