I recently saw “Monsters Vs Aliens”, which I didn’t think was great, however the 3D was awesome. And I am starting to get even more excited 3D as Disney 3D films and James Cameron’s “Avatar” near release.  I am extremely excited for “Beauty and the Beast 3D” (which happens to be my favorite Disney film) next year.  This 3D revolution is beginning to become extremely popular.  And I am a proponent of the technology.  There is a lot to be said for 3D in that it can give a more immersing experience and a unique look.  It also helps to differentiate between the theatre houses and the home theatre.  Its probably only a matter of time before high quality 3D comes to your home theatre,  but for now the theatres have another unique option that can draw in an audience (as if the popcorn and drinks aren’t enough).

There are cons though such as price per ticket and operation costs (glasses, projectors).  3D movies tend to cost more, and currently most have been geared to the “younger” audience.  Which ironically is probably more costly for a theatre in that the children are more likely to break the special glasses. 

However, if there is anything that can bring back the magic of the movie theatre, than it is 3D.  It has the ablity to change the way we see movies, so that we yearn to see them in the theatre instead of at home on pay-per-view.
(image from Filmschoolrejects.com)