So with the recent news of Ponyo, a film my Hayao Miyazaki, being picked up by Disney for a release on August 14th later this year, is it possible that John Lasseter, CCO at Disney Animation Studios, is trying to create some more competition within his own company? It’s a no brainer that Pixar has a hold on the animated movie world much like it’s parent company Disney had in the early 1990’s (relentless and controlling).  But this year Disney will in affect have 3 animated films opening. Is it possible that John wants to have a total sweep at the Academy Awards? There is obviously no doubt that Disney will be represented at the Academy Awards in the Best Animated Film category, but who is going to be left out if any? Yes I keep asking questions, but there are questions to be answered in the future. Ultimately, it makes good sense to bring in a Miyazaki film because there is not only a niche audience, but does help to spur creativity within Disney itself. Disney doesn’t expect to make “tons” of money like they will with Up and The Princess and the Frog, but they do expect to generate some buzz during the usually slow month of August. The best buzz they could get though is hand drawn animation buzz. Lasseter is bringing back the hand drawn and no way better than to have a film open a few months prior to what has basically been Disney’s baby in The Princess and the Frog. We’ll see what happens, but don’t be surprised if these 3 films are getting serious talk come OSCAR time.