Wow, 2 blogs for me in 1 day… Okay on to the matter at hand.

When I first
saw the trailer for “The A-Team” I couldn’t help but smile. Not for the fact of
being happy, but because I was just about to start laughing. In my opinion the
film is absolutely goofy. But the real kicker was at the end of the
trailer when I completely lost it, as I saw Bradley Cooper firing the machine gun of
a tank that had just fallen from an exploding air plane.

Now fast forward to the
recently (today) released trailer for “The Expendables”. As if we don’t have
enough male testosterone floating around in the summer blockbusters this year,
we actually get to witness some “old guys” do their thing. Now I will admit,
during the viewing of “The Expendables” trailer I couldn’t help but think, “I
can’t wait to see this”. I was then surprised with the August release date (a
month where the “bad” movies get relegated). Does someone know something I don’t?

There is no doubt in my mind
at this time, I have no care to see “The A-Team” however, I most definitely want
to see “The Expendables”. Besides the trailer for “The Expendables” just being
better, the overall look is much more appealing. The title, I guess, gives a
little bit of the movie away, but it feels like the characters in “The
Expendables” actually have a chance to die as opposed to the obviously going to
live A-Team. Drama speaks to me and “The Expendables” definitely seems to have
the drama working for it. Even if it is just a crutch to show more gratuitous
action. I also think the cast for “The Expendables” is much stronger and much
more watchable if only because they give me that gritty feeling.

What say you

“The Expendables”

 or “The A-Team”?