I’m one of those people that loves to watch the Oscars. But I’m also one of those that can’t stand the non-sense and waste in the televised program as well.

As many know, besides honoring those that created the films, the Oscars are designed to generate more revenue whether it be at the box office, PPV or on home video. But however you slice it, the Oscars are about the films. And so should be the focus of the program.

Instead, you were greeted with dance numbers that show off the talents of others instead of the nominees or in some cases aren’t even shown the talent of the nominees (Cinematography and Editing both got shafted). You have presenters trying to steal the show in the couple of minutes they have to speak with usually horribly written introductions to award categories.

The best part of the night was the Sound Editing portion where the v.o. by Morgan Freeman helped to explain the award. For the average movie watcher, it is hard for them to understand why movie “A” is nominated over there favorite film of the year per se. But by explaining these categories, people can understand and even appreciate the work that has gone into these films. They suddenly feel like they have some knowledge of why the Academy awards certain people or films. It also helps to take away from the massive amount of pretension that the award show has.

Overall, I feel that the Academy not only has a duty to award the best of the year, but to also incorporate the movie goers by using the Oscars as a teaching moment. It doesn’t have to be massive explanations that take large amounts of time, but a quick explanation and then clips of the work that will not only involve the viewer at home but also create interest in the given work. The Oscars can become more popular, lucrative and beneficial just by becoming more simple and having integrity to the reason for honoring certain films.

PS – Let the hosts host, and the presenters present. It doesn’t matter who the host is when you only see them for 15 minutes.

PSS – Adam Shankman, your show was convoluted and messy showing no consistency from award to award. Thanks, but no thanks.