Mike Crossey

Going Back to the Future

“But is it actually good? Or is it going to be like Flight of the Navigator?” She asked. “Babe, it’s amazing honestly, it’s one of those perfect films.” I replied. She nodded slowly “OK… but that’s what you said about Flight of Navigator” I should explain, a few years ago my wife and I were … Continue reading

So, what IS a Man Crush?

“Mancrush: A heterosexual man admiring another man to an extreme in a non romantic way.”-Urban Dictionary “No, no, no it’s when a dude literally fancies another dude. A Man Crush.”- A bloke I work with I hang out with girls. A lot of girls. That doesn’t mean I have a lot of girly conversations. Rather, that the … Continue reading

Headbanging: How old is too old?

I was out grooving the other night, (yeah I know), and this song came on.If that video caused your spine to snap as you leapt uncontrollably around the room, I’m sorry. It’s Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja by The Lost Prophets. It may not seem like much these days but this song dominated 2001 for me and holds … Continue reading

I'm not getting tired of Kick-Ass

I remember the moment when I knew I would always love The Big Lebowski, it was was when I suddenly realised I had watched it four times in one week. I didn’t even realise I was doing it, I just kept putting it on, like a White Russian drinking Neanderthal putting… in… shiny… to make… funny. The same … Continue reading

The Happy Gilmore Effect

Years ago two brilliant, yet criminally overlooked media scholars (me and my Dad) devised a theory. They theorised that all films, regardless of genre, should, at their most base level not only engage but entertain the audience. They called it The Happy Gilmore Effect.For those of you who don’t know, Happy Gilmore is a cinematic masterpiece. … Continue reading

A suggestion for the BBFC

                           This should have been a review of Shutter Island. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to review Shutter Island. I tried so hard I really did, I saw the film on release and loved it. I’m a huge fan of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio and I love nothing more than a dark, creepy thriller. I can’t review Shutter Island, … Continue reading

Cool Party! Can I come in?

I didn’t like Scott Pilgrim. Wait, wait, wait don’t go! Believe me, I’m more disappointed in myself than you are of me. An esteemed jury of chewers have decided that I can remain on the boards but they are keeping an eye on me.You don’t know what it’s like, being on the outside looking in. … Continue reading