Kyle Lawrence

Rant – Where Were The Wild Things?

                              The movie Where The Wild Things Are has been on the verge of success from the moment it was announced that Spike Jonze was on directing duty.  FINALLY, Where The Wild Things Are would merge with a director that has a tried and tested sense of vision and style.  Almost too good to … Continue reading

Hey, It’s That One Guy # 6: Leland Orser

                There was a time within the 90’s when I felt that Leland Orser would be the ”next big thing”.  The fucker (Orser) has an on screen nervous-wreck/Woody Allen attitude that turns his secondary roles into something of recollection.  And his yang:  I’ve seen him perform with a ferocious variety.  Nuff said.              Orser’s career … Continue reading

Review: Bruno

It is official: Bruno is out of the closet and the #1 movie of the weekend.  The film is an ass-rape to the senses, “dick-out” comedy about an Austrian fashion reporter.  His antics take him all over the world, from European fashion shows to the inner-heartland of America, and most unexpectedly Ron Paul’s bedroom.  There … Continue reading

Back To The Grind

Two and a half months ago I was laid off.  I never viewed it as a curse…I was too busy being BUSY to even let the thought sink in.  While is was a giant self-esteem blow, I knew I had it coming.  I was the newest hire in the sinking-ship industry that is print advertising.  … Continue reading