Two and a half months ago I was laid off.  I never viewed it as a curse…I was too busy being BUSY to even let the thought sink in.  While is was a giant self-esteem blow, I knew I had it coming.  I was the newest hire in the sinking-ship industry that is print advertising.  I cost the most to employ, so I was the first to go.   

During my “extended vacation” or more bluntly “forced retirement”, my main concern was to NOT let my time go to waste.  I wanted to learn while I had the time, write when I could, and just pick up and go like a vagabond gypsy traveler.

Last week I received the best/worst news:  I got a job. 

Why is this news bitter-sweet?  For starters, when you fall into a routine of complacency, it tends to be fun.  Not working allowed me to take trips, read MANY books, and really connect with my close friends.  I also enrolled in school so I could continue educating myself.  I took a film-editing course AND am learning how to speak German.   

I liked freedom, and for once in my life I could live a fleeting existence.

On the other hand, my mind got bored.  I wasn’t communicating with human beings on a face-to-face basis.  I need that, honestly.  I like people.  (Tragic, I know.)  When your “people time” is regulated so specifically, it really sucks.  Random conversation is the bread and butter of life, and I missed it dearly. 
There are only so many G-Chat conversations that you can have before your fingers started wearing down to stumps. 

When all is said and done, I guess I’m just anxious about getting back into that “real world” mindset after hibernating so long.  Am I up for the challenge?  Will I succeed and make this job work for me?  Will I impress my higher-ups?  Will I be that “cool” guy that seems to get along with everyone?  These are anxieties I constantly think about. 

Sorry for being such a whiny bitch.  I’m going to put my skirt back on now.

I’m fuckin in, you’re fuckin out – Kenny Powers