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Random Setting – The Blog: Introduction

For those who are not familiar with my previous Chud writings, in addition to my game reviews for MCP, I wrote the weekly column Random Setting.  Originally it was a column for off-beat news stories, undeserving of a full-fledged column, but interesting enough to warrant mention (and often ripe for offensive lampoon).  After some intitial … Continue reading


Glad to see that the gaming news machine has recovered from its holiday hangover and begun to churn once again. Hopefully the money will arrive a little sooner than the games. Earlier this week, Gamefly launched a beta service which will allow customers to trade in used games for credits on the service. As I’ve … Continue reading


BUY THE GAME AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!PLATFORM: WiiESRB RATING: EPUBLISHER: NintendoDEVELOPER: Nintendo When watching Nintendo’s E3 presentation I was amazed by the idea of the Wii Zapper. A perfect accessory to a console that is perfect for shooting games. I couldn’t wait for it to hit the market. After my holiday hiatus (meaning: let someone else, for once, foot … Continue reading


BUY THE GAME AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!PLATFORM: PC, Xbox 360, PS3ESRB RATING: T-MPUBLISHER: EADEVELOPER: Valve As the year winds down and people begin to explore their shiny new 360s or PS3s, one of the most common questions I’m asked other than, “have you gained weight,” (even you, grandma) is “what game should I buy?” Recommending games … Continue reading


I’m back. I was going to explain where I was all this time, but it’d involve me explaining the practicalities of the legal system and frankly, no one gives a shit. Instead let’s go with “sorry, I was at a Gamespot protest and lost my plane ticket home.” By the way, Manhunt 2 rocks! Here’s … Continue reading