To borrow from a longtime New York Sports Columnist, a very random blog:

God of Subpoenas

Earlier this week, two screenwriters sued Sony and David fuckin’ Jaffe in Federal Court for allegedly stealing their idea for God of War.  The two scribes allege that the blockbuster hit borrowed plot elements (Zeus and Athena send a mortal to stop Ares’ army), Kratos’ signature weapons and various game maps (seriously) from their screenplay Olympiad, which the plaintiffs submitted to Sony in 2002.

Sony and Jaffe responded to suit by file a response stating that Greek Mythology lies in the public domain and that if Sony and Jaffe ripped off anything it was Rygar.

I set-up a girl and I liked it

I see myself as a very “live and let live” type of person.  Someone likes Applebees, that’s fine.  I’d rather eat rat poison than go to Applebees, but people who watch pro-wrestling and play kiddie video games, while listening to Chicago’s Greatest Hits shouldn’t throw stones.  Even when someone is driving while talking on their cell phone, despite the inherent danger (I think I overheard Robin Quivers mention that it’s more dangerous than driving drunk or high) I give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe the person can handle the multi-tasking, who am I to judge. However, today a young woman (who I will refer to as “Idiot”) proved my philosophy has its limits.

After picking up dinner, I’m was at a stop sign trying to make a right-turn onto a busy road.  Idiot, after drifting into the intersection, while trying to make a call on her mobile, looks-up, stops short and honks her horn at me, making a nasty “what do you want me to do” motion with her arms.  Aggravated, I pulled in front , but wisely decided to keep an eye on her.  In the next three minutes, Idiot still gabbing away on her phone, almost rear-ends me not once, not twice, but thrice.  After the third near mishap, I decide that enough is enough.

One of the beneficial aspects of living in a small suburban area is that you learn the speed traps.  As I continued down the road, while Idiot discussed the existence of black holes, I see one of these very predictable speed traps.  Slowing down so that Idiot will appear to be tailgating me, I flash my high-beams at the officer while pointing back at Idiot, oblivious to the unfolding events.  Immediately, lights go on and Idiot is on the side of the road explaining her story to the Law.

I don’t know if she got a ticket or not, but being stopped probably ruined her evening and that was enough for me.

Looking for Comedy in the Video Game World

I have a simple question, where is the comedy in video game universe?  Honestly, is Penny Arcade the best the internets can produce in terms of comedy?  And before anyone defends Penny Arcade here is a simple fact: Penny Arcade is not funny.  It approaches funny from time to time, but just because the topic of an attempted joke regards video games doesn’t make it funny.  What is worse, is that video game coverage screams for light-hearted coverage.  If politics, movies and tv allow for thoughtful, enlightening and funny commentary, certainly a media like video games, which frankly on the bottom of the totem-pole, can inspire someone to have a sense of humor.

Now while Alex makes me laugh on a regular basis with his articles and reviews, his fiance tells me that I can’t chain him to a computer and have him entertain me.  Meanwhile, Kotaku touches upon funny every-so-often, Joystiq has its head up its ass, Destructoid thinks topics are funny for all the wrong reasons and the web-comics like the above-mentioned Penny Arcade completely miss the mark.  So the question remains, where is the funny?

That is all, for now.